Upper Limb Prosthetics:

Amputations of the upper extremities above and below the elbow. Wide variety of components used in the prosthesis to achieve the best functionality or cosmetic requirements of the amputee.


Below Knee Prosthetics:

Prosthesis made for the below knee amputee. A wide selection of prosthetic feet, socket designs and components, to improve your daily activity needs and requirements.


Above Knee Prosthetics:

Artificial limbs for the above knee amputee. A wide variety of prosthetic knees and suspension systems are available. Every individual’s requirements and activity level are looked at to choose the correct prosthetic components.


Partial Hand and Finger Prosthetics:

Silicone prosthetic digits, as well as gloves are available, in replacing the cosmetic appearance of a hand or finger after amputation.


Partial Foot Prosthetics:

Prosthetic feet and toe fillers can be fitted or manufactured, to improve the gait cycle of the partial foot amputee.


Breast Prosthetics:

Fitment of a breast prosthesis by one of our female prosthetists, will aid in the cosmetic implications that is left after a mastectomy.


Components and suspension systems:

A wide variety of the latest components and suspension systems are available to cater for every amputees needs and requirements.