Knee Braces:

Wide variety of knee braces to treat and protect various knee ligamentous injuries as well as the well known CTi Knee Brace


Post Operative Braces:

Anything from shoulder slings to arm immobilizers as well as lower extremity post operative braces. Immobilization of fractures before and after surgery.


Ankle braces and Foam walkers:

Used for a wide selection of injuries as well as injury prevention.


Diabetic footware:

Taking care of the diabetic foot is the best prevention of diabetic related foot problems. A wide selection of different types of diabetic footwear are available, as well as custom made footwear for the more complicated foot conditions



Orthotics or Innersoles are a very comfortable and non invasive method of treating most of the foot ailments. Anything from Plantar Fasciitis to flat feet. Orthotics is a great way to support the foot’s biomechanical structures.


Wrist and Hand Splints:

These kind of orthosis offers support and/or prevents movement of the wrist and hand. Largely used to treat ligament or skeletal injuries. Different types available to suit every patient. These splints are also custom fabricated if needed.


Spinal Braces:

Post operative and corrective braces are custom build to cater for every individuals need in immobilization or correction of the spine. Cervical braces for stabilization of the neck are also included in this category.


Compression Hossiery:

Used in the treatment and prevention of various vascular complications, that results from insufficient blood circulation. Compression stockings are also used in the treatment of edema (swelling) due to various complications and are available for the upper extremities and can even be custom fabricated for the more severe conditions.